North Shore Junior Chess Club

Chess Junior Club at the West Vanc. Rec. Centre on Tuesday and Sunday

Info (Luc Poitras National Chess Monster, I mean Master) 778.846.0496

SPRING schedule 2019

Chess on Tuesday and Sunday in  W.V. 

Starting Tuesday April 09  to May 21  at the West Vanc. Rec centre on Marine and 22nd. Chess for Kids (G2 and up) 6:20pm to 7:30pm for 7 Tuesdays.  Fee $50 -  or $10 drop-in.
Starting Sunday April 07 to June 02 (No class on April 21 and May 19) at the West Vanc. Rec centre on Marine and 22nd, Chess for Kids (G1 and up) 4:50pm to 6:00pm for 7 Sundays.  Fee $50 -  or $10 drop-in.

What to expect from the chess club ? The chess club gives an opportunity to kids to play chess against other kids under the supervition from one or two instructors. Group lessons are given through an electronic screen. Beginner and more advanced players get lessons according to their level of understanding. Puzzles are weekly given to each student tailor on their skill.

Hello, myself (Luc) and my chess associates are ready for an other exciting chess season (2017-18). Hopefully you will join my chess club. Fun guaranteed but I can`t guaranteed the checkmates.