North Shore Junior Chess Club

Chess Junior Club at the West Vanc. Rec. Centre on Tuesday

Info (Luc Poitras National Chess Monster, I mean Master) 778.846.0496

FALL schedule 2018
Chess on Tuesday in  W.V. 

Starting Tuesday October 09 to November 27 at the West Vanc. Rec centre on Marine and 22nd, Chess for Kids (G2 and up) 6:20pm to 7:30pm for 8 Tuesdays.  Fee $60 -  or $10 drop-in.

WINTER schedule 2019

Chess on Tuesday and Sunday in  W.V. 

Starting Tuesday January 15 to March 05 (No class on Feb. 26)  the West Vanc. Rec centre on Marine and 22nd, Chess for Kids (G2 and up) 6:20pm to 7:30pm for 7 Tuesdays.  Fee $50 -  or $10 drop-in.
Starting Sunday January 27 to March 03rd at the West Vanc. Rec centre on Marine and 22nd, Chess for Kids (G1 and up) 4:50pm to 6:00pm for 6 Sundays.  Fee $45 -  or $10 drop-in.

What to expect from the chess club ? The chess club gives an opportunity to kids to play chess against other kids under the supervition from one or two instructors. Group lessons are given through an electronic screen. Beginner and more advanced players get lessons according to their level of understanding. Puzzles are weekly given to each student tailor on their skill.



Hello, myself (Luc) and my chess associates are ready for an other exciting chess season (2017-18). Hopefully you will join my chess club. Fun guaranteed but I can`t guaranteed the checkmates.


        2018 SUMMER CHESS CAMPS FOR KIDS                (In West Vancouver)

                Chess Is The Game Of Kings And The King Of Games !                   

Come join National Chess Master Luc Poitras for an unique friendly                    
group chess experience. Luc originally from Montreal has been involved                    
with chess for over 20 years. Luc has developed a teaching technic                    
blending old traditional teaching style with new technology to help the                    
young students to stay alert, interested and motivated.                   

The program is offer to any kids from age 7 and up.  

The Cost is $135 per Camp.
For each camp, 2 to 4 certified chess instructors on site.
Camps are :

July 23-27    (1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.)  ( completed)
 August 13-17 (9am to noon)  (Full)

at 2062 Esquimalt West Vancouver  (United Church)

To register or for some info please  email me: or don`t hesitate to call me, I will be happy to answer any questions. (Luc) 778.846.0496  

Information needed when sending the registration by email:
Name of the child (male or female/email/phone number
Birthday and age
Phone number for emergency
Indicate the camp you wish to register the child:

Each camp provide between 2 to 4 certified chess instructors on site.

Please mention with the email any extra informations such allergies,medical or others

Payment can be done by sending a cheque payable to "West Coast Junior Chess".
Email me for more information.

West Vancouver Summer Chess Camp
Luc Poitras

Full reimbursement for any cancellation after the payment done if cancel 8 days prior of the starting day otherwise a charge of 40% fee will apply.

Chess is not as Easy

As Surfing

But safer as exploring the Jungle

BC Teams Elementary Chess Championship 2018

Malborough A      15.5   Champion for a 2nd time
St.George's A     13.0
Erma Stephenson A 12.5
James Whiteside A 10.5
Suncrest A        10.5
Van Christian A    6.5
John Knox A        6.0
Pauline Johnson A  5.5

St.George's B     17.0
Malborough B      14.5
Van Christian B    8.0
York House B       7.5
Erma Stephenson B  7.0
West Bay B         6.0

Spring St.George's Junior Chess Tournaments

Standings. SaintsSpring2018: Grade5-7
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Edward Jeong W4 W6 W2 W3 W5 5.0
2 Farbod Amadi W6 W3 L1 W5 W4 4.0
3 Tom Dai W5 L2 W4 L1 W6 3.0
4 Jordan Liu L1 W5 L3 L6 L2 1.0
5 Brandon Mok L3 L4 W6 L2 L1 1.0
6 Maxwell Cook L2 L1 L5 W4 L3 1.0

Standings. SaintsSpring2018: Grade3-4
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Jason Chen W5 D7 W2 W3 W4 4.5
2 Brian Shao W4 W3 L1 W5 W7 4.0
3 Charlie Young W8 L2 W7 L1 W5 3.0
4 Adrian Wong L2 W6 D5 W7 L1 2.5
5 Alex Selent L1 W8 D4 L2 L3 1.5
6 Logan Uy D7 L4 B--- U--- U--- 1.5
7 Willem Urban D6 D1 L3 L4 L2 1.0

Standings. SaintsSpring2018: Grade2
# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Keon Roboudi W5 W3 W2 W4 W6 5.0
2 Zion Ng W9 W4 L1 W3 L5 3.0
3 Paul Yu W7 L1 W6 L2 W9 3.0
4 Lucas Li W6 L2 W5 L1 W7 3.0
5 Logan Okamura L1 D7 L4 W9 W2 2.5
6 Micah Chow L4 W9 L3 W7 L1 2.0
7 Max Wang L3 D5 W9 L6 L4 1.5
8 Shawn Liu H--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.5
9 Joshua Fan L2 L6 L7 L5 L3 0.0

North Shore Junior Chess Championship 2018

54 brave young chess players from the North Shore participated in the North Shore Junior Chess Championship 2018 at Ridgeview school.

For a 4th year in a row , the school host Ridgeview finished 1st follow by West Bay, Chartwell, Brooksbank, Westcot and Pauline Johnson

Individual results

Grade 6//7
1. Josh Yahav (Brooksbank) 2nd Farbod Ahmadi (Hollyburn) 3rd Seena Nemati (Ridgeview) 4th Aidan Guo (Chartwell)

Grade 4/5
1. Andre Dossa (Ridgeview) 2nd Tom Dai (Chartwell) 3rd Miles Hu (Ridgeview)  4th Alan Chen (Deep Cove)

Grade 3
1. Andrew Kim (West Bay) 2nd Wyatt Gitts (West Bay) 3rd Cole Henderson (Brooksbank) 4th James Stewart (Westcot)

Grade 1/2
1.Dorsa Shaeri (Ridgeview) 2nd Keon Roboubi (Pauline Johnson) 3rd Paul Yu (Chartwell) 4th Justin Guan (Chartwell)